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Sunday, July 30, 2000
58th Day


More than one million fans in markets all across the United States have recently received Mystery Mutuel Vouchers, redeemable for cash prizes ranging from $2 to $1 million, in an NTRA promotion now one week away. Next Sunday the vouchers can be cashed at participating racetracks and OTB sites, but fans must cash the vouchers at the site whose name appears on the ticket.

Although a total of 24 racetracks and OTB sites contributed toward the NTRA promotion, Arlington International compiled an original list of 100,000 names - or an impressive one tenth of the NTRA's total mailing list. Vouchers worth nearly $3.7 million are in circulation, including a single ticket valued at $1 million.

"We're optimistic that the promotion will bring fans to the tracks," said Bryan Pettigrew, Special Assistant to NTRA Commissioner Tim Smith, "and hope that we will have a $1 million winner."

How did Arlington garner such an impressive total figure to contribute toward the NTRA mailing list?

By starting with an original mailing list of 70,000 names. Ten thousand of those have been added since the beginning of the current season through new A-Club memberships and American Airlines Sweepstakes contestants. An additional 30,000 names were acquired by using similar demographics from the list of 70,000.

"With 30,000 new people, plus the additional names that we've compiled through our aggressive marketing and promotions during the meet so far, we're hoping to attract new fans to Arlington and the exciting sport of thoroughbred racing," said Dan Leary, Arlington Director of Communications. "Naturally, we hope that the million dollar winner comes from Chicagoland."


Yesterday's NTRA Down The Stretch Sweepstakes produced a popular "good news" story when Geraldine Jarol, an 80-year-old single grandmother from Niles, Illinois, won $10,000 after coming to Arlington as part of a group outing.

After filling out an entry blank for a random drawing, Ms. Jarol's name was selected to represent the #4 horse, Apogee Stable, Inc.'s Werra in the third race Saturday afternoon. When Werra won that race with Mark Guidry aboard, Ms. Jarol was given her choice to select the winning mount in the fourth race of the afternoon.

Ms. Jarol chose the name "Talkin Lady", a filly owned by Leba Milkes and ridden by Eduardo Perez. When Talkin Lady won, Ms. Jarol won $500, plus the opportunity to select the winner of the fifth race. In that event, Ms. Jarol selected Team Block's Scatter the Crowd, another horse with Mark Guidry in the irons.

Leading rider Guidry also piloted Scatter the Crowd home to the winner's circle, earning Ms. Jarol $10,000 and the opportunity to pick her favorite in the sixth race for a possible $25,000 payoff.

At that point Ms. Jarol, who was attending the races with a group called "Single Jewish Grandparents," decided to stick with Mark Guidry, and picked Emerald Ridge Farm's Toddinator, who finished third behind the victorious Shaack, owned by Wayne Wiarda and ridden by Lupe Macias. "I knew I'd be lucky today," said Ms. Jarol after her profitable win streak ended. "I picked up two quarters off the ground the other day, then I found a dime, and this morning I found a nickel. Last week I went up in an air balloon, and today I'm flying all on my own. Already I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the money. This is wonderful. I can't wait to get home and tell my kids."

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